Generating Your New Home! Where To Get A New Construction Home


Getting the most out of your construction project is a difficult task! There are a lot of positives and negatives to using a contractor to build you a new home. I suppose its good to start here! Basically, when you are looking for a new home builder there are a number of factors to consider before you start a build Who did you go with to get the builder done?

Are they reputable? What kind of other references do the companies have? Do they specialize in a particular style of home you like? Whats important is that the home builder designs and structures homes in the way that you are interested in using them.  What exactly should you look for in a builder of prefabricated houses is a good question.  I always found that the factors which were most important to me were the following: do they have good reviews on line? What do their other projects look like? What is the turnaround time for when you purchase the house and when you are able to walk in the door? What kind of sustainability do they have? Are they producing bungalows or anything more extreme? How lasting is the house in the event that we see a lot of snow, or a lot of rain, or a very aggressive wind, or even any other of the elements. I want to know that when I purchase a home that the investment will last!

What areas are the homes in? Is it in a neighborhood where all houses are similarly designed? Where do you look for inspiration when designing an entire neighborhood? What is important to me is knowing that my home is unique that it is not like the others and that it doesn’t really look like anything else on my neighborhood block. I have owned a lot of different style cottages and houses in my time, and yet when I think about building a new plan and having a cottage builder come through and put it together its just so exciting and invigorating that I know I will go through with it. I never have any regrets at all about these choices!

Having All The Girls At The Cottage

So I had all the girls up to my parent’s cottage this weekend and just had to document all the crazy and fun stuff we did! There were 8 of us which was great because we have 5 bedrooms. Everyone got to sleep in a comfy bed and no one had to sleep in the kids bedroom with the bunk beds. Can you imagine 8 spoiled 20 something year olds fighting over which room they got? I thank the heavens that we had just the right amount of beds for everyone to sleep in.


My parents hired a caterer for our weekend and we requested a BBQ lunch and sushi dinner for Saturday and on Sunday, the caterer just got to decide what he wanted to make. We drove up in two cars Friday afternoon with a box of wine in our trunks and chips and snacks for the entire weekend. We brought magazines, makeup, supplies for manicures and pedicures, as well as party supplies for the nighttime.

It turned out to be an amazing weekend! We went jet skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding along with tanning and swimming in the lake. It was very relaxing with great food and good wine. A perfect getaway weekend for all the girls was exactly what we needed.